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Helpful Websites

Below is a list of Apps and Websites with information we feel is helpful. As always please review the site yourself before determining if it suitable for your child. Please see our education section for more specific information.
Kids Health App -Is It Contagious? Is It Contagious? What do you do if your child's daycare has an outbreak of pinkeye? Or if you have questions about a play date with a kid recovering from an ear infection?
Our free app, now available for Apple and Android devices, provides instant, reliable information and images on 85+ infections and other conditions kids and teens get.
Healthy Children A new website powered by American Academy of Pediatrics offering trustworthy, up-to-the minute pediatric health advice and guidance for parents and caregivers, along with interactive tools and personalized content.
Best Bones Forever The Best Bones Forever! Campaign encourages girls to get active and eat more foods with calcium and vitamin D. Why is this important? Because getting lots of physical activity and snacking on foods with calcium and vitamin D are what's best for your bones! Healthy bones are important to help you grow strong and stay strong forever!
Center for Disease Control A valuable source dedicated to disease control and prevention of all people. In addition to disease information you will find information on vaccines, injury and safety prevention, as well as travel health.
Car Seat Safety Child Safety Seat Information and Idaho's Child restraint laws for children.
Central District Health Department This website provides information in the community about daycare inspections, community and enviormental health issues, WIC program, communicable diseases, and public health prepardness information.
Idaho Stars IdahoSTARS has a child care referral database to help you find quality child care. Information about child care centers, family child care, preschools and school-age programs in Idaho are on our database.
Idaho Health and Welfare Department of health and welfare provides information about Medicaid, Child Health information, Financial resources, Infant Toddler program, and many other state programs.
Idaho Dairy Council Idaho Dairy Council provides great information about making smart food choices, tips for parents, nutritional news, and coupons for dairy products. GOT MILK?
Idaho CareLine The 2-1-1 Idaho CareLine, a program of the Department of Health and Welfare, is a free statewide community information and referral service. We have a comprehensive database with programs that offer free or low cost health and human services.
Safety Recall Information A reliable source regarding Consumer Product Safety Commission Recall Information

Helpful Apps for Smartphones:
Is it contagious? - by The Nemours Foundation
Healthy Children - by American Academy Pediatrics
Fooducate - Diet Tracker and Healthy food nutrition scanner